1. Laffing Gas 'It's a Beautiful Day in the Gulch' CD/TAPE

  2. Constant Insult 'History in Shorthand'

  3. WIG 'swell' TAPE


  5. Listening Skulls 'Ancient Warning' TAPE/ZINE

  6. the ceiling fans TAPE

  7. No Men 'Hell Was Full So We Came Back' LP

  8. Patrick Jennings 'Immediate' TAPE


  10. Evening Standards 'Worlds End' LPandCD

  11. Penny LP

  12. Bugg 's/t' TAPE

  13. Riversedge 'Runaround' TAPE

  14. Vacation 'Mouth Sounds #2699

  15. Ghetto Blasters 'Electric Boogaloo' TAPE

  16. Future Virgins 'Dirty Smiles 7" Anthology' LP

  17. Drilling For Blasting 'Fingers Are The Best Eyes' LP

  18. Howardian 'The Silly Shit You Say' LP / TAPE

  19. No Men 'Dear God Bring The Doom

  20. Frankie and the Witch Fingers Drip/ Tea

  21. Evening Standards 'S/T'

  22. Future Virgins 'Doomsday Raga" LP

  23. Full Sun 'Thinkin About It' LP

  24. Squishers 'Too Damn Careless' TAPE

  25. Thee Open Sex 'White Horses' TAPE

  26. Yalla Stockings 'Young Cut' TAPE

  27. No Men 'Cut' 7"

  28. Big Kitty '...A Legend in the Field of Entertainment' TAPE

  29. Topomaka TAPE

  30. ABC GUM

  31. Dumb Vision 'Modern Things' TAPE

  32. Jonh Hays 'Backsider' LP

  33. Hound 'Born Under 76' LP / TAPE

  34. Dyon Mccratney 'Blood Carpet' TAPE

  35. Gravel 'Except for Me' TAPE

  36. Spencer Moody / Rad Payoff split 7"

  37. Swim Team 'S/T' LP

  38. Nervosas/ Landlord/ Dead Dog/ Al Scorch 'Dead Moon tribute' 4-way split 7"

  39. Spencer Moody and The Anzolones 'An Old Man Called Me Bud Cort' LP/TAPE

  40. Nervosas s/t x2 LP w/ etching on the D side / TAPE

  41. John Hoffman 'Not Wet' TAPE

  42. Intrepid Hearts 'S/T' TAPE

  43. Patrick Jennings 'Careful Now' TAPE

  44. Jon Hancuff 'Made a Wish' TAPE

  45. Sass Dragons 'True Adventure' LP/ TAPE

  46. VACATION - "The Do Shit Wax" 10" (Remastered)

  47. Spencer Moody "Gothic Jazz for Shelley" 7"

  48. Howardian 'Do You Know I Wiggle' 12" Lathe Cut

  49. Tweak Bird "Any Ol Way" LP/ TAPE

  50. Concrete Beez TAPE

  51. Constant Insult LP/ TAPE

  52. Black Planet 'Female Hysteria' TAPE

  53. PARLOR - "Life Stays Great" 7"

  54. Middle Children 'Earth Angel' LP/ TAPE

  55. Bad Taste 'Meltdown' TAPE

  56. PRETTY PRETTY "Leather Weather" 7"

  57. Purple 7 vol. 2 LP/ TAPE

  58. Hyper Tensions TAPE

  59. CHUD - s/t 7"

  60. Early Disclaimers 'EP3'

  61. Pout 'Present & Tense TAPE

  62. Shack Ups 'Shack It Up" LP

  63. Full Sun 'Stick It' TAPE

  64. Toby Foster '100 Ways' TAPE

  65. DRILLING FOR BLASTING "How To Play Guitar" 7"

  66. Al Scorch / Dave Dondero split 7"

  67. FULL SUN "Itch" LP/TAPE

  68. The Sands "Hotel and Casino" LP

  69. Rad Payoff "The Good, The Rad, and The Ugly" LP/ TAPE

  70. Full Sun "Stay Awake" 7"

  71. CHUCKY WAGGS and the COMPANY of RAGGS "Low Road Ramble" LP/TAPE/CD



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